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The bright green card is straight from the Monzo playbook!

Looks like this could be a really useful addition to the Monzo marketplace that could render the ATM withdrawal fee argument obsolete.


This looks fantastic and something I might look into if I ever find myself needing to deal more with other currencies.

However the only thing I would say is that regarding this point…

I’m not actually sure it makes much difference. On their site where it talks about the borderless account and mentions the debit card, it says that there is pretty much the exact same state of affairs…

Free ATM withdrawals up to £200 / month

It doesn’t seem to specify what happens after the first £200 though, which is a shame. I feel like the general trend is away from cash, or ATMs at least.

Shame not everywhere is as far along as we are.

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Interestingly they charge a per transaction fee for making a standard bank transfer:


That seems unusual …

unusual in UK personal banking perhaps but more common on the continent and with business fintechs (though one example I saw was 20p, so their 50p may be a bit high)

I don’t know “continental banking”, but have certainly never encountered this in Germany (but then monthly fees are very common over there).

As they seem to be targeting UK personal banking (although of course not limiting to UK) it still counts as unusual for me :wink:

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It is really easy to sign up for the borderless account as well if you are already with Transferwise.

I guess most people who would need one already have a Transferwise account but if you don’t, and if you want a free international transfer of up to £500, you can use this link to sign up.

In the interests of full disclosure, I’ll make £50 if you make a transfer of over £200.

Finally! I’ve been waiting for this for a while, another card to have a little play with. I agree, for me at least, a cost for bank transfers is a little strange in personal banking (especially at that price and being aware of the fact that they don’t charge for debit card transactions). Currently pondering whether to move my Ltd’s account from my legacy to a transferwise borderless or not… The only bugbear for me is the lack of FSCS protection, everything else is cheaper over there, especially international transfers (going to wait to see what Starling have to release before I make a decision though).

I’ve been using a TransferWise borderless account for a Ltd Co for about a year. It doesn’t replace the UK business bank account but is an addition to it for non UK payments - which are much cheaper and quicker. I just keep the borderless account topped up with sufficient funds for all transactions in the near future. Not sure I would consider using it as the only banking facility because of the lack of bank feeds to hook up with accounts software. The other limitation is you can only send currency in the recipients host countrys currency ie you can only send USD to the USA.

I’m surprised they are moving into the consumer market, not sure UK consumers are used to paying transaction fees.

Interesting, and very welcome addition to the options available :+1:

I’ve been planning to make an international payment this week, and with the legacy bank I spoke to, the payment would cost me 3% more than with Transferwise - which on a large payment comes to a lot. The bank previously incentivised select customers not to shop around by providing them with promo codes, that resulted in zero fees and very small spreads (sometimes as low as 0.5%), but inexplicably, they’ve now stopped offering those.

It is an excellent idea and I will probably get a card.

However the conversion between currencies in both Transferwise and Revolut is roughly the same, but Transferwise charge a transaction fee on transactions while Revolut don’t. It’s the only reason I use Revolut over Transferwise to make foreign transfers.

The one thing transferwise has over Revolut is local bank accounts in more countries. For example, the only way to send money from Australia to Revolut is an international SWIFT transfer, for which Australian banks charge a fortune. With Transferwise I can either use the borderless account or do a money transfer with a local bank transfer in Australia.

Just to say, my Hot Green Transferwise card came today, and I think it’ll be a useful addition to my foreign spending toolbox.

The use case for me in normal circumstances I expect to be to top up the Transferwise account about a month before travel with half my expected expenditure and top up Monzo on an as required basis so as to hedge against exchange fluctuations.

There is a £200 free ATM allowance, like Monzo, but I don’t honestly expect to use it at ATMs. Rather oddly, I cannot find any reference online as to what the fees are after £200, and was rather expecting to get some info with the card. But there’s none.

I might have said Egg but that’s probably showing my age… :wink:


I remember my egg card… :egg:

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Still have mine, for posterity. Along with the barclaycard that it morphed into.

Funny really - when it was launched, Egg was the Monzo of it’s day, new and exciting, daring to be different. :blush:


I definitely have the barclaycard which it morphed into (which was identical to the other barclaycard I already had, a source of confusion to this day), but I don’t think I have the original card anymore.

I agree with you though - back then, I found egg the most friendly of the credit card companies at the time in terms of their website being usable and modern and so on, despite the interest rates etc not being the most favorable. I was a bit sad to see them go.

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I think I had an Egg card too!

These bright green TransferWise cards look really nice. Hopefully they’ll offer me one soon!


They look the same as the Fidor UK green, and I think Penta use a similar green too!


Pricing during beta testing:

  • Free to order a card
  • Free ATM withdrawals overseas
  • Free to pay using currencies in your account
  • You only pay a small fee, between 0.35% and 1%, if you need to convert a currency in your account or to make a payment using your card.

Standard pricing after beta testing phase:

  • Free to pay with currencies in your account
  • Free ATM withdrawals up to £200 / month
  • 2% fee to withdraw over £200 / month
  • £4.50 to cover postage and packaging when you order or reorder a card
  • Small fee (between 0.35% and 1%) to convert to non-supported currencies or to make a payment using your card.

Link here

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I just got invited to order a card. I opened the account and added £10 and $100 USD to it. That seemed to trigger a card order invite.

You all know how I feel about fees so I may just spend what I put on it. If it had FDIC insurance it may be worth it tho as a way to keep a US banking presence - but it doesn’t.