Transfers change of category not working


I mainly use my credit cards for spendings. And I use Monzo to manage my money and as my primary bank account.

I have created a pot for my credit card. Every time I make a payment with the credit card I transfer money from my main balance in Monzo to the pot. This I do so I can set aside the money I need for repaying that particular credit card at the end of the month.

But I found out that this doesn’t work well with the budgeting itself. Yesterday I spent £6.99 for a takeaway on my credit card. I then proceeded and moved £6.99 to my credit card pot and changed the category from Transfers to Eating out. Unfortunelty in the budget screen this doesn’t show as Eating Out and my app still says I have spent £0 on Eating Out.

Is there any way to solve this?

Details to reproduce:

  1. Have a set budget for a category of your choice. 2. Make a transfer from main account to a pot.
  2. Change the category of the transfer for the desired category.
  3. Noticed how the category will still show that you have spent £0 on it


iOS 16.2


iPhone 14 Pro

App Version:


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