Export your data

(Richard Cook) #1

We working on a way for you to export your personal data from Monzo.

This would include things like your Monzo Chat log, overdraft credit agreement, the log of texts we’ve sent you, and lots more.

It’s currently in Monzo Labs, as we continue to work on making more data available to export.

Find out more information, and give us your feedback, here:

We’ll share more updates as they we’ve got them.

(Dan) #2

Hi, just testing this feature and so far it’s a nice addition to the Monzo toolset. I think being able to quickly get a comprehensive overview of all the data related to my account and interactions with Monzo is a great idea, and you’ve made it very easy to do.

Have you considered any additional verification around the download once the URL is created and emailed to a customer? Such as needing to enter an additional piece of verification information, or a one-time-password in order to complete the download? Email compromise is unfortunately a fairly common occurrence these days (and I appreciate it’s not Monzo’s job to protect customer inboxes) but I’m sure any additional protections you can offer for people’s personal/financial data would be welcome.

As for the feature itself, I don’t have any issues with the process or the format of the results at this time and I’m looking forward to see how it develops. Keep being awesome!