Enabling payment with friends requires access to my contacts

Today I wanted to pay a colleague using monzo, but to do it on the phone, I have to give the app access to all my contacts. I don’t feel comfortable with this. Is there an alternatives where I can transfer just using the target monzo name?

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Technically you could use Monzo.me but that’s not ideal, as it costs Monzo money. I’d hope that this will set your mind at ease instead -

Interesting, I just tried that with my monzo card and it’s not supported !?

Whoops, good point, Monzo.me will only work with your regular debit card - it wouldn’t really make sense to use Monzo.me when you have the in-built transfer option in the app, which doesn’t cost Monzo money.

You can’t make transfers from your Monzo card. You will be able to once the current accounts launch though.

And, actually, that’s not that reassuring. Not because you’re bad people, but because it’s a way of making vulnerabilities worse.

One more thing :slight_smile: monzo.me doesn’t allow pasting into all the fields (e.g. cvv), which is a total pain with password managers.

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Just to be clear, I don’t work for Monzo. :slight_smile:

I’m not following you there I’m afraid, which part of the security measures in that post create vulnerabilities? What’s described there (using hash’s) is generally considered best practice.

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