Transferring 100£

(Claire Reidie) #1

I’m nervous about transferring £100 ??? Makes it sound like a scam ??

(Rika Raybould) #2

Well, I’ve definitely got a working card right here. I’m sure other Mondonauts here can also attest to this as well as those on Twitter.

As discussed in this thread, the £100 is an initial top-up that you can spend as soon as you receive your card. It helps ensure that cards get actively used and don’t end up in drawers during the Beta period.

Feel free to browse around the forums here, ask questions and decide for yourself though. I believe your invite will remain active indefinitely.

(Alan) #3

Jump at the opportunity! Once you’ve loaded the initial £100 and started spending, you’ll never look back - it’s so much more fun watching and monitoring your Mondo card use than any other Debit or Credit card.

Love the ability to add a note about each transaction (and even a photo of the receipt). It’s giving me a great handle on how I use my money …

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #4

its not a scam - I’ve used my mondo card now since January, used it abroad and got great exchange rates, Ive literally spent thousands on it with absolutely no problems ( apart from “only” being able to pay a hotel bill in Austria in three transactions one after the other because £1000 is the max transaction in one go )

  • I have known Tom Blom for a long time - he certainly isn’t a con artist - lol -
    Once you have loaded your account up with the first £100 you usually get your card within a day or two - sent first class post- then start spending it straight away - spend the £100 in one transaction if you want and then load it with £20 a time until you are comfortable with it and be sure your money won’t disappear - although it will, because the card becomes slightly addictive with its immediate notifications and emoji :wink:

(Andrew Ross) #5

It’s no scam. You’ll love it. I was nervous at first but totally behind it now 100%

(Adam) #6

I hope its not a scam as I invested into :mondo: :scream:

As others have said, once you receive the card you will not look back.

(Adam Hockley) #7

I agree i have topup more more each month as it goes on :frowning:

(Terry) #8

I was a little nervous at first, but I was at the Mondo meet for the Alpha rollout and put my first £100 on it, I’ve now spent £1000’s on it haha! I use it every day and use it as my main card (If you do use it as a main card, keep a backup as sometimes some paces will decline the card for some unknown reason)

(Tom ) #9

I’ve topped up £6k over the many months I’ve been using Mondo and exclusively use it as my main day to day card. Take the plunge and jump in!

(Kevyn) #10

I only recently joined in the last week. I initially thought it was a little strange the £100 and was hesistant but I took the plunge and really enjoy using Mondo. So much in fact that I lost my card on the 4th day I had it and at the weekend I requested a replacement. The 2nd day after a bank holiday my second card it arrived and already I’ve used it again. Take the leap of faith. You won’t regret it.

(Sam Goldwater) #11

Mine arrived this morning - spent the first 2.5% of my £100 on a coffee down the road and wowed the cashier with the app notification! It’s legit, an operation like this wouldn’t get this far if it wasn’t. :slight_smile:

(Adam Hockley) #12

spent over 1,000k ok topups on my account worth the setup cost.

(Nikolay Abromov) #13

Got my card yesterday and used it today. It’s working fine! =)