Transfer to overseas bank account

Hi, I want to transfer money from my account to a bank account in the Philippines.

Does anyone know what address of the recipient bank you should use, ie is it the recipients local branch address or is it the head office/main branch address?

Thank you in advance.

Reading the Wise help article, it sounds to me like you need to use the address of the recipient, not their bank’s address.


I have previously and recently sent money to the Philippines using Wise / Transferwise albeit using the W / TW app and not directly via Monzo.

The address I used within the Recipient Details was the recipient’s physical address, not the address of the bank.

I have made transfers this way on several occasions and it has worked fine each time (albeit I cannot categorically say this is the correct address to use).

Edit: Just to confirm / caveat that I transferred money to a business rather than an individual so the requirement for a person’s recipient details may be different.