Transfer money imediatley instructions

Hi guys,
My sister n law is in Barcelona on a trip.
I wish to send her £50 or €50 Euro which ever is easiest, right now, for her to receive it right now.
I’m currently in the Republic of Ireland
How do I do this exactly? She only got the card a few days ago. She isn’t on my contacts list yet either.
Any help, now, would be awesome.

Do you have a Monzo account too, or another sterling account? If you do, it’s a simple matter of sending her £50 using her sort code (04-00-04) and account number (which she can find in her app).

If your account is in euros, you’ll need to use something like Transferwise to move it over.

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Hi Peter,
I do and I use sterling.
Can I use the normal way as in her Monzo sort code and account number then?

And she’s in Barcelona

So I can still select to the UK? And not international!

If you’re just transferring from one UK bank account to another, you just use the standard bank transfer facility. The fact that she’s in Barcelona has no relevance, she’s just using her UK bank card abroad.


Perfect guys.
Just did that and makes sense now. It was the fact she was in Spain threw me when I seen the other option for international. She go it right away and all good now.
Thank a million guys :ok_hand:
Lovin Monzo :+1:


Yay :raised_hands: glad it all worked out well!

:muscle: :mondo: