Transfer summary missing with faceid

When transferring money and you use Face ID you don’t get any chance to confirm the transaction. Is it possible to get a summary (like you get without Face ID) with an ok button?

At the moment, if you use face ID there’s no confirmation when you transfer money. I don’t have concerns about the security of Face ID but I am worried about my ability to type.

If I don’t use Face ID, I get transfer summary whenever I send someone money. That’s the thing I really want to see. I do appreciate not having to put in my pin for every transfer.

Hi @4sixes your email address is publicly visible. You may wish to change your display name in your user settings

@AlanDoe has the wording at sign up changed? More and more people appear to do this and it’s not great for their own privacy/protection. One worth investigating? Not hard to imagine someone unscrupulous emailing someone pretending to be Monzo off the back of a concern raised here.

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Thanks for the heads up.

I didn’t set a display name as it said it was optional. I didn’t expect it to default to my email.

Hi, is there any update on this?

I have turned off face id for that reason, I want confirmation before doing things like sending payments or cancelling standing orders.

If you get to a standing order and even mistakenly click “cancel standing order” there is no confirmation, face id runs and instantly cancels it. With PIN, at least you get to that dialog that asks for the PIN and you can back out of it.

I doubt this is the way to do this???