Moving Pots between personal and joint account

Is it possible to move a pot from a personal account to a joint account?

As in, take a pot (with its name and image) and its contents and move it to the joint account?

Not as far as I know, but paging @davidwalton (Monzo UK joint account pro-user)…


It is not. You can’t do pot to pot from anywhere to anywhere

Empty pot
Move money
Create pot
Add money


Sadly, as @Revels informs, it isn’t possible.

They are 2 completely different accounts - a ‘simple’ transfer of a pot from a Personal account to a Joint account can’t be done. I’m not sure if it ever will, even pot-to-pot transfers involving transferring funds between pots under the same single account isn’t possible despite currently being the second-most requested feature via community feedback.

We keep voting & hoping!


You should be able to transfer money between your Pots between any account, personal or joint! So for example, you can transfer money from your Personal savings Pot to your Joint savings Pot, and vice versa. You won’t be able to move the actual Pot to the other account so you’ll need to create a new Pot in your joint account.

We’re working on scheduled and recurring account-to-account transfers so this should be available soon. :eyes:

Side note: I suspect pot-to-pot transfers are only available in the US right now :us:


Please flick the UK switch on :crossed_fingers:


This is new information!!

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:eyes: :hushed:

New parity thread incoming: :us: US <> UK :uk:


That’s nice to know that it is an exclusive feature for US customers :grinning:

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