Monzo UK & US Account - Any chance of international transfers between Monzo accounts at competitive rates to challenge Transferwise?

I have a Monzo account in the UK as a resident but I am working in the USA on a visa as a non resident alien. I send home on average $2,000 a month back to a 1st Direct Account via Transferwise but Transferwise fee’s have rocketed since launch. I am likely to use a Chase checking account to make use of the free ACH transfers to Transferwise. However, surely inter-Monzo transfers could be hyper competitive?

Just a thought from a Simpleton… GL guys the market for challenger banks is heating up!


Just out of sheer curiosity, what were the fees before, and what are they now?

Hey Jamie, this is the latest increase (circa 37%) which was quick for me to find:

Errrr…am I the only one who was hoping/expecting this to be free?

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