Transactions not appearing after iPhone is offline

(Evan Davis) #1

I’ve just realised that if I make a transaction whilst my iPhone is offline, the transaction never shows up in my transaction list. The balance appears correct though.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Hey Evan! Are you sure?

(Evan Davis) #3


I had 5 transactions at the same store on Friday and Saturday. Only the very last transaction came through live (and was the only time I had a phone signal in that store). It was only a few minutes after my previous transaction. Some were contactless, some were chip & pin.

The 1st transaction has only just popped up as a delayed transaction, so perhaps the others will too in the next day or so.

(Evan Davis) #4

2 more popped up as I typed that last post (no notification noise for delayed transactions?)

(Tristan Thomas) #5

Have you got an Alpha card by any chance?

(Evan Davis) #6

I do indeed have an Alpha card.

(Tristan Thomas) #7

OK :slight_smile: We’ve got an interesting issue right now with our card processor which means that Alpha cards are starting to go ‘offline’ when doing contactless transactions. That means they can be delayed by a couple of days :frowning: You can order a replacement card or hang in there and we’re trying to get it fixed! No guesstimate for time to fix though I’m afraid, it’s out of our hands :\

(Evan Davis) #8

Ahhhh. Now it all makes sense.

No need for a replacement card. It’s something I can put up with now that I know what is going on. And things breaking like this are part of the deal when I signed up for an Alpha card :slight_smile:

(Evan Davis) #9

Hi Tristan

I’m still having issues with the Alpha cards being delayed. Not a major issue for me, but I think I’ve stumbled upon a workaround.

Whenever I flick the switch for magstripe ATMs, my purchase transactions seem to always go through immediately.