Transaction went through on my app, but declined according to merchant

I have just checked in at th Radisson Blu Plaza in Bangkok and something weird happened: the transaction was declined on the POS machine of the hotel, but was deducted from my balance on the Monzo app. Conclusion: I had to pay AGAIN with my Barclays debit card, and I am now short of a big sum of money which apparently is in a limbo between Monzo and the merchant. Is it possible for you to verify the sale transaction and - if pending - release it back on my account? Thank you in advance for your help.

Please use the in app chat fowindow account specific enquiries. We can’t do a lot on the community forum about this sort of thing.

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FYI, if you can send proof of the decline from the merchant to Monzo they’ll usually be able to release the hold earlier than normal for you. I’ve had this done a few times.

But yeah, in-app chat is the way to go.


I agree that in terms of a solution, the in-app support is where you should go.

However I think it’s important that these things get posted so we can see what issues might arise, and what solutions are brought. So I’m glad the issue is posted about.