Transaction type

I’d like to be able to know if a transaction wave contactless, chip & pin, online or magnetic strip.

Just wasted 3 hours of my life talking to fraud team of RBS. Still no wiser what the transaction was. This doesn’t happen really with monzo since everything is instant and not days later and usually the retail info is better, but having this info would make it even clearer, for piece of mind.



100% agree. Apple/Google Pay too.

I’d prefer this info to not be in the Home feed though - I think putting it in the transaction screen for each transaction would be better (reduces clutter in the Home feed).


Don’t know about Google Pay, but with Apple Pay, it’ll be in the transaction feed.

By this do you mean that there is a way of figuring out if you used Apple Pay for a transaction from your Monzo account?

Or do you mean you can just look at the Apple Pay transaction feed?

The latter

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This isn’t always 100% accurate :wink: You can end up with transactions listed on it that didn’t complete due to a decline or the phone moved too quickly. It’s essentially a list of request for authorisations that the phone saw :slight_smile: