Apple Pay Transactions

(Herp Derp) #1

How will Apple Pay transactions appear on the feed as with Metrobank they look like this


Will they look like transactions do now or a bit different?

(Christos) #2

I can’t see any reason why the would show any different as “pretty” transactions are a key part of Monzo’s value proposition.

Starling is also showing the exact same transactions regardless of paying method.

(Joe) #3

Using your card online results in a little 'Online transaction" text below the name of the merchant on the transaction page, might make sense to put ‘Apple Pay’ or ‘Android Pay’ there?


Really hope that’s how it’s handled, would be ideal.

(Joe) #5

Ah I just spotted that in person card transactions actually have the address of the location in that spot, maybe put ‘Apple Pay’ just above the location.

(Simon B) #6

Both Apple Pay and Android Pay transactions will display the same as payments made using the actual card :grinning:

(Herp Derp) #7

@simonb So will we be seeing this tomorrow after the announcement then yeah?

(Simon B) #8

My silence can not be construed as either a confirmation or a denial.

I’m sure I don’t know anything about any announcement :wink:

(Hugh) #9

The extent to which this is true depends how hard you’ve been celebrating the announcement that definitely isn’t an announcement :wink:

(MikeF) closed #10

With the initial question answered, Apple Pay discussion carried on here: