Transaction location search confusing

I’ve been trying to search for transactions abroad, and have come up against a couple of issues:

  • In seeking to work out how much I’ve spent on my card abroad, the transaction search only allows specific locations taken from my individual transactions. I tried searching for “UK”, “Europe” and “abroad”, but that doesn’t work. Would be useful to have some predefined geographical areas, such as “UK”, “Europe”, “abroad” or “overseas”. Also to be able to search for transactions in a specific currency (such as GBP, EUR, USD, etc).

  • A bigger concern is that it may not be clear to customers that the search term has to be exact, so, for example, “SINGAPORE” and “Singapore” return a completely different set of transactions. Customers who may thus think they’ve spent far less than they actually have. I think it would be helpful to make it easier to select multiple locations from the list, and to allow customers to select a fuzzier match (such as non-case-specific).

Here are some screenshots to illustrate:

And here’s a screenshot showing that it is actually possible to select multiple locations - though this wasn’t immediately obvious to me:

Same location, different case, I’m fairly sure that is derived from the transaction. Some lablel the location correctly, others all in caps. I brought this up nearly a year ago so nothing has changed.


Perhaps if we can get a few people to vote for this one, it’ll happen eventually.