Additional Location Search Options

More of several suggested improvements than a new feature, with regards to searching transactions via location.

  • I’d like to easily see a list of all transactions I’ve made online across all merchants;
  • and conversely all transactions I’ve made at physical locations across all merchants.
  • Merchant address data should include the official county as recorded on Royal Mail’s PAF. This would enable us to search for all transactions in our counties. Useful for those who live outside of London or work on the road a lot.
  • Perhaps the option to search by dropping a pin on the map, defaulted to current location, and expand/contract the radius.
  • I know a heatmap has been created at a hackathon, but showing all users’ transactions anonymously. Would be nice to have a personal in-app version.

While on the subject, I’m curious as to how the location data is gathered from the merchant. Boots are so annoying!

I understand all efforts are focused strongly on preparing for launch of the ‘full bank’, but I’d still like this to be considered for later.

Edited after @saveen made the point regarding counties for the address data.

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agree. they need a good kick…with boots on

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Thanks for the suggestions! Totally agreed — next year we’re going to be able to focus much more on merchant data and make it really amazing. It’ll be so great when it’s totally perfect and you can search by it and find other places to go etc. :slight_smile:


Does this mean what I think it means - recommending alternative places to buy products, which would require itemised transactions? :exclamation: :grinning:


Nice suggestions Ben.

Just one thing to note - counties were dropped from official postal addresses by Royal Mail several years ago and the county field in their PAF has not been updated since then. That’s not to say all databases have dropped them but unfortunately this means there is no universally recognised definition of ‘county’. The 3 main contenders are former postal, traditional and administrative.

Experian explains more: