Search improvements (CA App)

I just wanted to rekindle the conversations about search, most of what I can find is before the release of search in v1.5/1.6. The last post I can find was this one just requesting Android release unless I missed something

However, there have been a few posts around about the search function that got noticed but I haven’t seen any recent threads about planned changes. I also can’t see anything about search on Trello, but if this is int he Spending and Targets for CA then please feel free to shoot this down!

So I thought I’d make this - and my initial biggest gripes about search, having just been on holiday and tried to use it a lot, are

a) the ability to search by place is great but at a minimum there are duplicates in different cases (Cape Town and CAPE TOWN are different places) so that feels like something that could easily be considered

b) place names pick up very local places, some of which I have no idea where they are, and I travel quite a bit so my list of places is growing! Also some companies process centrally so some places are nowhere near where I expected them to be. Not sure you can fix this, as you have captured the place correctly in reality, but some summarisation of place would be good, even if it is just ‘South Africa’

c) there doesn’t seem to be a way of searching by transaction currency, even though it is in the export, so I can’t just say ‘tell me all transactions in ZAR’

d) search over 2 or three months (summation of tags of ‘this month’, ‘last month’ etc would do that)




These are excellent suggestions, particularly the consolidation of place names, and being able to search for all transactions in a particular country.

I would also add that there should be a Pots filter that works similar to the Payee filter. “All transactions against Pot A” would be really useful.

This didn’t seem to go anywhere. Any idea how I get it noticed?