Transaction Information Page - Apostrophe Usage

In the transaction page for incoming and outgoing transfers there’s the History section about payments between accounts, and for the 'Total that ‘s sent you’ Monzo uses an apostrophe before the ‘s’ instead of the word has, as below.


Whilst grammatically it makes sense, and is probably how most people say it, for names ending with s (like mine…) it reads slightly strangely, at least in my head, so personally I’d prefer it used has.

I don’t know what other people think? Am I just overthinking! :thinking: Just a small thing really, but every time I see it it makes me stop for a second as it doesn’t quite feel right seeing it.

Apologies if this would be better in another thread, it didn’t seem to quite fit in any that appeared when I searched, Leaders feel free to merge if necessary!

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Overthinking, sorry

stupid 20 chars

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I agree, that whilst grammatically correct, it looks awkward for names ending in s. However, for names that don’t end in s, I like the less formal tone. It’d be trivial to detect names ending in ‘s’ and change the output used. It’d be even cooler to give people the option through a set of nerds flags :smiley:

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It could just say James sent you or Fred sent you as in reality ‘has’ is superfluous

Looking on the bright side at least it is still readable and not written in emojis :wink:


I think the has makes it unambiguously past tense, and thus inclusive of all previous payments.

from the screen print it is historic and in this example was for 2 transactions one way and however many the other

In this case it was actually no payments the other way, but even in the case where it had multiple payments it shows up the same. I think I would agree with @GalaxyMergirl that the ‘has’ makes it more inclusive of all previous payments but I see your point, that could be a solution.

That sounds like a good plan, I think the less formal tone works well for Monzo, and it looks fine for all the payments for people without names ending in ‘s’ :smiley:

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Could just change it to “Payments from: James” and “Total you have sent to James”, “Total sent from James”.

Slightly less friendly but less worry about “edge cases” (can receiver/sender names actually have apostrophes in them?)

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