Now we have years in Trends... We need manual accounts and transactions!

Can I just say again just how amazing the year view in Trends is? It is really transformative. Thank you again!

Some feedback to come, which I’ll whack in the proper topic, but I think this deserves its own one:

Can we have manual accounts and transactions please?

Here’s my problem. I love Trends year view (have I mentioned that?) but I only have a few years’ worth of data in Monzo. So what I’d really like to do is add some old data. I think the best way of doing that would be to be able to add a) manual connected accounts (i.e. ones that aren’t driven by open banking and instead are ones I can just set up) and b) manual transactions within those accounts - with the ability to set the date for the transaction, of course.

I won’t have the patience to add in all of my old transactions from PDF statements, but I will have enough to pull out key things I want to see trends for. A monthly transaction for my historic salary. A monthly transaction for energy bills etc. Then I can assign a category and the job’s a good 'un.

(In an ideal world, imports of banking data exported by other banks or the ability to OCR statements - or even just a standard import format that we can reformat / create ourselves would be great, but let’s start with the basics!)

Anyone else want this? Or have another solution to the problem?


Oh how I’d like to go back 10 years and see that I spent so little and thought it was costing a lot.

“Fuel. Fuel. Fuel”

Can’t believe I filled up 3 times and it cost me £100 in total :frowning:


Not for me sorry, but perhaps others might find it valuable.

I’m wondering aloud, but could another connected Google sheet work? One that the user could edit and previous transactions magically appear in the app? :thinking:


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