Training for our Leaders

I think our Leaders do a great job in keeping the community informed, usually sacrificing a lot of their time with little to no reward.

Would it be possible for Monzo to fund training for these individuals? The interaction with the community has the ability to make or break someone’s opinion of Monzo. It make’s sense to me that Monzo should want to ensure this interaction is as positive as possible.

Being completely honest, you can tell in certain occasions the difference between an interaction from a Monzo employee to the community and from a Leader. @Naji



You’d have to train all the users as well then if you want to ensure a positive interaction :grin:


It’s a voluntary position… I’m sure they get an intangible reward of personal satisfaction from contributing to the community.

Can you elaborate on what outcomes you’d want from the training & what its content should consist of? I don’t currently see the need for it given we all have to abide by community standards equally the same.


Just to clarify -

we’re working on redefining Leader’s roles to make that clearer so watch this space :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t want our leaders to be corporate PR drones. I like the fact they are not representing Monzo and are entitled to their own personal opinions.


Often people take offence not at what they say but how they say it. How something is delivered / phrased could be included in any training session.


How they perceived it was said. If you try and read every comment as helpful and positive you get a different meaning


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