Community Engagement - Bi Monthly Q&A

Hi @AlanDoe

Community engagement has been incredibly lacking as of late apart from the plus launch day where we had a number of staff hop in to ask questions which was great.

I know you asked a while ago for some suggestions on what we wanted to see from the community, i think its safe to say this could be narrowed down to one word - Engagement

There was alot of negativity and questioning happening on the forum after the end of year report where it seemed it was actually other members of the forum which were the most reassuring. Surely some member of staff should be commenting on this. I know i personally had friends who got scared and moved money or asked me about moving money so im sure a statement would have been nice reassurance to some, silence can be deafening.

Also as can be seen by the confusion on the faster payments back step theres a real disconnect at the minute and i feel this is where youre supposed to step up as community manager is it not?

Now on to my suggestion/idea…

As much as i want this to be monthly i think a bi monthly q and a would be even nice. What i mean by this is every 2 months you or perhaps @cookywook could open up a thread and ask the community to send in questions to ask tom or a member of the management team. The top 5 most liked or voted could then be put to the relevant team/s or management.

With the lack of updates/roadmaps etc if the higher ups cant take 1 hour out of every 2 months to answer the 5 biggest pending questions from the community then theres a bigger real problem that needs addressed.

I really dont think this is much to ask, monzo want to be profitable then they need to make their customers feel valued and not just a way to profitability.

I do agree with this statement. In the past as a prepaid customer - the community engagement was amazing and I used to read and reply all the comments. The roadmap was clear and there was constant engagement. Even up to the building new Monzo 3.0 app was very engaging, but nowadays that same excitement and engagement is no longer there. I do understand they have 4.5 million customers compared to when it was 400k when I first joined, but as highlighted above there were a lots of negativity with the annual report and I personally would have prefer some sort of reassuring answer from the Monzo team.

I still love Monzo and part of the Monzo plus team. I would love Monzo to be actively rolling out updates and fixed the half baked softwares.


Yeah the engagement in 2017/2018 used to be amazing. Staff on the forum, a monthly email update, video Q&As, regular in-person events.

It’s all disappeared…

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Monzo became just another bank :man_shrugging:


@AlanDoe could you weigh in on this potentially?

I feel like this has become a general forum with a bit of monzo thrown in as opposed to a monzo forum with a bit of other discussions thrown in.