Train ticket sale 🚋 🎫

Not sure if anyone else has posted about the ticket sale that has been announced.

I got an email from Trainline about the sale but then in the same time I saw this BBC article

Anyone spotted anything decent or booked anything?

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can announce this in purdah, but can’t announce Crossrail’s opening date…


It’s a sticking plaster. Regular fares need to be made cheaper for everybody, the sale doesn’t help commuters one bit and they’re the segment that trains need back on them.


Still cheaper to make most of the journey by plane and do the last stretch via train than it is to do the whole thing by boat and train. Train ticket discount for my journey would only be £25, which is about a 15% saving.

Doing half the trip by plane saves a good 10 hours .

Actually calculated and compared my options for future travels last week after getting back these are round trips and factor in the rail card discount:

Train from Inverness + Ferry + Ferry Shuttle
15 hours = £150+ £20 + £20 = £190 (£175 during the sale)

Flight to Glasgow + Train
5 hours = £120 + £60 = £180

Flight to Edinburgh + Train
4.5 hours = £160 + £60 = £220

I get emissions and all that. But the 15 hour long journey by boat and train is so tedious it leaves me drained. Taking a flight to Glasgow next time and will get the train from there (only because to get to Manchester you have to change at Edinburgh, go to Heathrow for another change, then to Manchester from there, which is just ridiculous. The most expensive part of the train journey is getting from Inverness to Glasgow/Edinburgh it would seem.

Transportation costs and connectivity need to be drastically improved, especially around the highlands. The conservatives and the Ferry companies need to stop opposing the the tunnel which would turn a nearly 4 hour Ferry process (checkin, boarding, checkout plus a 2.5 hour crossing) into a sub 20 minute drive. Extend the rail network, or provide a shuttle and it knocks a good 6 hours off a trip to England than is currently the case. Though it still wouldn’t be much, if it all, cheaper.

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Currently Rail is at 75% revenue recovery and growing every week, so I’d say we aren’t doing too bad.

A lot of that commuter traffic is not coming back. Hence the push for leisure - which the sale is aimed at. Commuter fares already subsidised quite heavily through season tickets. (Not that I don’t think train travel shouldn’t be made cheaper, but this is for leisure primarily). And attracting new users to rail.

But this is for the government to decide to subsidise rail more, which they aren’t going to do anytime soon, trust me - we have asked.


Pro Tip - get a friend who works on the railway - get 50% off all the time if you book through them!


I bought a day return Birmingham to London today, for next month, for £16.

Was really pleased with that price, then found out that the half price sale had not started when I bought it this morning :person_shrugging:

Have not gone back to check if now cheaper as it meaningless and would only rub it in :rofl:


Who still uses Trainline? It charges a booking fee, when all the train operators’ sites don’t.


Do they? I don’t think I ever paid a booking fee with them


They don’t charge if you are buying a ticket for same-day travel. I always use them for business travel because

  • You can use Apple Pay
  • e-tickets can be added directly from the app into Apple Wallet
  • Expense receipts are easily available as a pdf in the app without having to go to the website

I haven’t found any other app which fulfils all of these, plus

  • The interface is clear and easy to use

Not me. I use the train operator websites or apps.

Paying my Avanti West Coast fare with Amex earned me 5% cashback too.

Don’t know whether to save, spend, or invest that 80p :rofl::rofl:


I think reason why people use Trainline is because of the app. It’s certainly the reason why I use it, for a small fee I am comfortable parting with.

It’s just a slick experience on a mobile device.


I use cross country. It is close to this not perfect. The apple wallet pass is a link in an email that comes about 2 mins after booking so almost as quick. It takes Apple Pay. And in the email are pdfs of the ticket with the price on which should be good enough for expenses - no VAT on train travel so that is good enough. I used to just take pictures of tickets.

If you book in advance, there’s a fee, if you book same day, there’s no fee, at least this is my experience

I haven’t had any issues with the LNER app. Easy to add the ticket to Google Pay as well.

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I got a return journey to London for £33, can’t argue wit that

My local TOC has an app where you can only display a ticket when you have mobile signal. Which is great when there is barely any signal between my station and London.

It then regularly crashes which typically happens when you reach the barrier :laughing:

So I use the Trainline app so I can add the ticket to apple wallet.


Also get 2% cashback on LNER journeys booked through the LNER app….

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And I also frequently get 5% cashback offers for LNER through Santander.

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Also with virgin money debit and credit card. Great deal. I’m assuming it’s available with most banks? What about Monzo plus?