Train delays and cancellations – know your rights

Travelling by train can be a nightmare sometimes! Here’s what you’re entitled to when things don’t go to plan :train2:


Would be good if there was some way of kicking off a a Delay Repay claim from within the :monzo: app.


Monzo building their own version of reeclaim into their backend for automatic TfL reclaims would also be great.


Hello Peggy and Beatrice!

This is an interesting read, but I was wondering whether the part about Getting help if you’re stranded is correct. The article says that in order to get help you have to be stranded because of something that was a train company’s fault - I was just wondering whether you have a source for this?

For a while now, the National Rail Conditions of Travel have used this wording:

28.2. Where disruption prevents you from completing the journey for which your ticket is valid and is being used, any Train Company will, where it reasonably can, provide you with alternative means of travel to your destination, or if necessary provide overnight accommodation for you.

There isn’t any mention that the disruption has to be caused by something within the train company’s control. As a layperson, this suggests to me that stranding as a result of any disruption would entitle me to assistance or accommodation.

The old National Rail Conditions of Carriage used a different wording, which did mention “circumstances in the control of a Train Company”. But this wording is very old and hasn’t been in force since September 2016.

  1. Help from Train Companies if you are stranded
    If disruption caused by circumstances within the control of a Train Company or a Rail Service Company leaves you stranded before you have reached your destination printed on or stored on your ticket, and the Train Company whose trains you are entitled to use is unable to get you to that destination by other means, any Train Company which is in a position to help will, if it reasonably can, either arrange to get you to that destination, or provide overnight accommodation for you.
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According to the National Rail Conditions of Travel , train companies must compensate you if:

  • You’re late to your destination by 60 minutes or more
  • And the delay was the train company’s fault

Luckily, train companies are usually more generous than this.

GWR aren’t, if I recall correctly from the last time my train was 45 minutes late due to signal failure :unamused:

Also, out of interest, how do you request a refund on a company passenger charter, or delay repay, if you only have etickets and no physical tickets?

The companies that I’ve requested refunds from before have required me to fill in a form and post it to them with the paper tickets.

Was delayed for around two hours a month or two ago in London. Don’t often take the trains and this was a bad experience. Got moved from train to train.

Which companies and how long ago was this? All Delay Repay claims I’ve made over the past few years (with a few different companies) have been an online form which allowed uploading a photo of the tickets. With eTickets, you initiate the claim through the company you bought the ticket from.

The Delay Repay one was a very long time ago to be fair, it’s almost certainly changed since I last did that :smiley:

Using a company’s passenger charter I’ve done more recently, at some point last year with GWR, although now that I think back. I think that was online, but they did want a photo of the tickets.

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reeclaim is amazing. I’ve had loads of refunds for journeys I’d not even considered as being delayed.

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How do reeclaim make their money?

Their website mentions plans to offer a reward program which merchants would pay to use:

From the Train Reeclaim website:

Our new app (launching soon), will feature a Rewards Program offering discounted deals curated specifically around your places of travel. Reeclaim will receive a commission from the merchant for every deal redeemed.

I imagine, since they have automated the refund process, their day-to-day running costs are negligible.


I have never made a successful claim with FGW (now GWR). They will just outright lie in their reply stating “The delay was less than X hours which is stipulated in our SLA and therefore you will not get any compensation”. And I was informed by one of their employees that they do not offer cash compensation, just vouchers which can be used towards your next ticket fare.

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