Trading 212 (T212)

Thanks. Do the banks know what the virtual numbers issued are? If so I’ll do that, at least it will eliminate the risk of me withdrawing to HSBC!

Right old faff though!

I did ask Monzo when I had this issue before, said a specialist team would come back to me but before they did the money appeared. So I presume so. Hyperjar came back to me and confirmed it wasn’t them when the issue happened.

Also, Apple/Google Pay will have support services so try them too.

Yup, at least you haven’t got a withdrawal in the ether…well not yet lol

Be wary though, 212 can still pick a card at random at any given withdrawal…

I’ve not had a random card picked yet - always takes me to a selection screen

You’ll have to take my word for it! Happened to me for the first time, on the largest withdrawal I have ever done. When you read their literature it says it is picked at random every time! But it allowed me to pick most the time

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Trading 212 is cheaper than Freetrade, i believe its because they attract customers with the free trading in the hope that they also use their CFDs which is the real money maker.

Freetrade despite the name has to charge for a lot of things such as: ISA, certain shares, sell orders, FX fess ect… because they don’t have the lucrative CFD, and thats one of the main things i like about freetrade, I hope they never add CFDs

However one big negative of Freetrade is that there have been reports of a toxic culture and of management bullying their staff. I found out about this after i created an account, otherwise i probably would not have used them as i dont want to support this kind of behaviour…

see article Investigation: City fintech Freetrade accused of deliberately fostering ‘culture of fear’ - CityAM : CityAM

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Trading212 is a good competition, but they still limit sign ups with waiting lists?

But somehow marketing lacks. I did not realise how good trading212 app is.

I did not like that they offer CFDs as well, which is dangerous for most investors.


That’s why the ISA is free, it’s basically subsided by the CFD’S

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I believe Trading 212 have said that is not the case…

Happy to be corrected. I didn’t know that, would love to know how they make their ISA profitable

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From last year: Our Invest & ISA services are profitable - Investing - Trading 212 Community

If only it was easier to sign up…

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Interesting cheers pal! They’d never break it down fully but that would be interesting as well, yeah wonder why they still aren’t allowing sign ups?

T212 are working through their waitlist.

I got invited yesterday and have read they plan to invite everyone who has registered by the end of September.

They have now opened and I finally got my account too.
Is anyone here using their Pies feature? Any thoughts on funding the pie “by targets” vs “self-balancing”?
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I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve reopened the T212 topic and moved your post here.


Ye - I’ve got the daily dividend pie - It’s a really cool feature and safe to say the daily dividend pie is doing much better than the stocks I chose to invest in myself :joy: :sob: Metro bank will one day come back to life :crossed_fingers:

Not sure exactly what you mean by this but pretty sure I let it self-balance - I let dividends re-invest and I deposit more into the pie every now and then and it automatically splits it between the stock as per the %'s I’ve set. I did manually remove a couple of stocks at the start when i initially copied the pie because I didn’t like their environmental impact.

I’d definitely recommend their pie’s feature :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response mate!

Here’s what I meant by “by targets” vs “self-balancing”:

If I choose “By targets” it will distribute the funds according to their original targets.
If I choose “self-balancing” it will invest more in stocks that are below their targets, and less in stocks that are above their targets.

I joined T212 via a referral link, and received a free Mercedes share (worth about £60). So pretty chuffed! Interested to see whether anyone else received a good free share? Supposedly they can be worth anywhere up to £100.

As a side note, my referral link is here if anyone else wants to see what they get.

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Referrals in the referrals wiki please! :slight_smile: