Freetrade: Free Share Trading

Hey all, curious to know if anyone has managed to get access to Freetrade yet, they’ve been running their beta for a few(?) months now but I’ve been on the waiting list since May and I’m still at 8844 in the queue. Does anyone use any other alternatives for free/cheap share dealing that they would recommend?

P.S. if anyone would like to help me climb the queue (in return I’ll post a review once I gain access) then please feel free to use my referral link


I’m 9214.

If anyone fancies bumping me up the queue then go for it. Tommmy first though.

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Bumped you with my secondary email :v:


Good idea, I’ve totally not returned the favour.

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Bumped you.

my referral - after Christophorus :slight_smile:


Don’t forget activation yo.

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Would be curious to see if anyone has actually got to use it yet though.

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I think I clicked @Tommmy’s referral link before all these replies came in, apologies folks.

Meanwhile I’m at 12597 in a queue of 12597 :joy:

My referral link is just in case anyone wants to use!


Hi Tommy,

Viktor from Freetrade here!

We haven’t launched our beta yet, but we are closing in. :boom:

We can open client accounts as soon as the FCA authorises us for stockbroking, which is in progress.

As a fellow Monzo user, you won’t be surprised that the authorisation process is a bit of a black box regarding the timeline, but we’ll keep our community posted as we progress.

The other component necessary for the release is the actual app, which is a few months out, and it will be ready by early next year.

It takes time to build a challenger stockbroker in the UK (read about the context here), but it will be worth it.

We’ll roll out a private beta first, adding users in small batches. We’ll prioritise users with referrals* (the more referrals, the earlier access), because we’d like to reward people who helped us build the community the most. Even one referral puts you into a top ~800 position, so if you know just one other person who doesn’t want to get ripped off investing into real shares and ETFs, bring them on board!

Hit me up at or on an IM of your choice with any questions!

Great to have you with us,

*Crowdcube investors have guaranteed early access.


Only team members for now. :blush: See my response to Tommy!

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When can I expect Freetrade in Austria? :blush:
All these great fintech startups are in the UK and in Austria there’s N26 (with about 1/4 the functionality of Germany) :neutral_face:
I’m a crowdfunding Investor in Freetrade btw.

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Used your link, thanks :pray:

Here’s mine if anyone else wants to bump me up a bit :wink:


If anyone wants to give me a hand?

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Our ambition is definitely to expand into the EU, including Austria. :austria::hearts:

For now, we are focused on the UK. It’s a tough enough market (see Adam’s post), and all local markets are tough for a challenger stockbroker in their own way (that’s why you wouldn’t see “Robinhoods” popping up in various countries).

We’ll keep the community posted about our plans via email, and feel free to drop me a line with any questions:

It’s interesting to know about the limited N26 functionality in Austria. :grimacing:


N26’s offering varies from country to country. For example Black card available in Germany but not offered in Estonia.

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Looks good, how does something like this compete with Nutmeg/Moneyfarm? Are you looking top open up accounts such as ISA/Junior ISA Stocks+Shares? Could there be integrated to sweep money from CA into FreeTrade?


I used your link…

If anyone wants to use my link for referral.

Are there any plans to integrate with Monzo in the future? I would absolutely love this! I hate all these passive investment platforms, and would much prefer to be able to trade myself. Currently on HL but its £10+ a trade so this would make a real difference.


sadly points up to his unused link towards the top of the thread…



Here’s mine for the next person: