Trading 212 (T212)

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No worries, it’s quite hidden away to be honest :slight_smile:

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So does anyone use T212 for S&S ISA? Currently using Vanguard but I’d be interested in jumping ship.

I am using it. It’s ok. They only allow cash transfers in and out. And the range of investments is different. I.e. ETFs from Vanguard and others are available, plus stocks. But not mutual funds.

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To be fair I’d only really use it to invest in Vanguard ETFs anyway, I just wish Vanguard had a nice app so I don’t have to use the website.

Would you recommend switching to T212 for that alone?

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I’d compare them more broadly if you’re wanting to. I use T212 for S&S ISA exclusively, but as part of it, use the Pies features to track various other pies, as well as investing directly in other things. I have a dividend pie that I put £100 into every month & other things I invest in monthly.

T212 is pretty good, and I’d probably still use it even if other options were around - as I cba moving stuff around.


Vanguard ISA pays interest on cash (3.1% right now), is flexible (can withdraw and redeposit money), allows direct debit regular investing.

Trading212 has sometimes more ETF variants that are divided reinvesting, or one put income ETF into a Pie to automatically reinvest dividends.

Both have portfolio performance tracking - vanguard is accurate, trading212 misscalculates things a bit.

If the unique vanguard features are a deal-breaker don’t switch.


I assume you can invest in single stocks rather than just funds like Vanguard? Not sure it’s worth the effort even though the app looks really nice.

Yeah there’s about 12000 individual stocks you can invest in (about 8500 are categorised)

100s of ETFs too.

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Ahh nice, so I can buy Apple stock in my S&S ISA for example?

Can I open a general account or do I have to open a specific account? Like on Freetrade you can open a GIA then go in and open ISA etc after. Also is there any fee signing up?

Trying to figure out if I can open an account now then open the ISA in April or if I need to just wait until April.

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You can open a S&S ISA and a general.

Yeah you could buy Apple

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You tap the icon in the top left to switch between

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