iWeb Share Dealing

Does anyone on here use iWeb?

I’m considering transferring a S&S ISA to them so some customer opinions would be useful.

The pricing structure is obvious from their website but its hard to discern other aspects.
In particular, opinions on the platform (e.g. ease of use, features) and customer service would be helpful.

I have experience with Hargreaves Lansdown, Interactive Investor, and Freetrade.

What makes you switch? How do you find your existing providers? I have accounts with all of them myself as well and never look much into iweb

Started with HL and was with them for several years. In terms of website, app, and customer service I think they’re excellent and better than Interactive Investor and Freetrade. But switched away as percentage-based cost for holding funds was starting to get high and dealing cost for trading shares was high. Switched to Interactive Investor as flat fee platforms had become cheaper for me and because they had a promo on at the time to pay most of my exit fees from HL. They’ve since raised their flat fee so am looking around.

Considering either Freetrade or iWeb. I’ll have to ditch OEIC funds if I decide to switch to Freetrade (a bit reluctant to do this) so also considering iWeb. At the moment I trade/deal relatively infrequently so iWeb fee structure is attractive - yearly fees would be unlikely to be much higher than Freetrade for me.

Have you considered T212?

No. But might be worth a look if I decide I don’t want to continue using OEIC funds.
Do you prefer it to Freetrade?

HL are decent. My main one is still AJ Bell with a lot in AIM. I’ve only dabbled in T212 as I discovered it after FreeTrade.

I actually prefer FreeTrade app and community, but Trading212 offers a lot more overall. I haven’t touched the CFDs but it has that too. I’m not confident/crazy/rich enough to give it a go.

Stocks and ETFs about double FreeTrades available for the UK plus ideal if you want access to German or other countries. I’ll screenshot below.

I seem to be collecting them, on the waiting list for Robinhood but that’s more ofc.

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T212 has the same problem as Freetrade in not offering OEIC funds. Don’t let the platform tail wag the investment dog. It’s not worth savings yourself £5-£20 in trading fees but be forced to invest in one of a limited selection of ETFs instead of the OEIC fund you actually wanted. Your desired fund might end up making £1000s more than the ETF.

iWeb is perfectly fine. No BS, just buy and hold. If you’ve done your calculations and it will be cheaper than the alternatives, there’s no reason not to go ahead.