Trading 212 (T212)

Thanks for sharing that (and the other link)! I’ve had a chance to properly read through them now, and I sort of get the gist. T212 seem very confident in their business plan and route to profitability and sustainability.

While I couldn’t find anything concrete to say that their investment platform is self sufficient by itself yet, it was certainly on track to be as of June, and all things being equal, eventually will be if it isn’t already. I’ve also reached out to them directly to get some clarity on this to see how things stand right now.

Level 2 marketing data is also the kind of thing I would expect for a premium offering. As I said on the Freetrade trade, their offering is just downright lazy, and had nothing that is worth paying for. You see this a lot with fintechs though. Once they’ve done all the hard stuff of building their actual base product, it’s almost as if they forget how to innovate and build groundbreaking new tools that are actually worth paying for.

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I feel this about Monzo it’s like it died in 2018.

Just another bank, nothing special, all the people that made it what is was have gone.

Now left to just drift along and hope it can survive.

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Hi, I was wondering if I could post my Trading212 referral link on the wiki? I tried putting it there but there’s no option to edit it.

You need to be a bit more active on the forum before you can edit the wiki, I think.

Welcome, by the way!

T212 have started offering deposit via instant bank transfer using Truelayer.

Hopefully they will open up their own API to enable aggregation into Monzo (Plus).

Would be a killer feature for me, being able to see investments within Monzo. Maybe even with some decent charts & graphs thrown in…


I’ve just come across this, downloaded the app and like what I’ve seen, will have a bash for a bit I’m only every a casual saver with stock market stuff to be fair

This 110%. Would be a game changer for me

Had this email through

Since the launch of our Invest and ISA services, we’ve been covering all deposit fees charged by the payment providers. Typically, these fees are included in the price of the products and services that you buy. But our share dealing service is completely free and the transferred amounts have grown to billions of pounds per year. That’s why, starting from 04.01.2021, we are introducing a lifetime limit on free deposits via all payment methods other than Bank Transfers & Instant Bank Transfers (Open Banking).

Funding via Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Skrill, will remain fee-free until you have deposited £2,000 in total. A fee of 0.7% will apply thereafter. Please note we do not profit from this fee. Its purpose is to cover the costs levied by payment providers and card companies.

Bank transfers remain completely free (unless your bank charges you to make them) and we are working on expanding them further in 2021 with the following options:

Bacs Direct Debit - enabling recurring and one-off bank transfers in the UK;
SEPA Direct Debit - enabling recurring and one-off bank transfers across the EU;
We will extend the coverage of payments via Open banking throughout most European countries.
Depositing into CFD accounts remains fee-free without limits.

Visit our Help Centre to learn more on the topic.

Best regards,
The Trading 212 Team

I wonder how many that want to use Google Pay or cards will deposit into CFD and transfer internally. :sweat_smile: :shushing_face:

I’ll be sorted with the DD option when it comes along. Set on auto invest via card payment at the moment, won’t incur any fees for a while. Hopefully DD options be available before I get to the trigger point, saying that the fees not excessive at least.

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This is interesting. Puts into question the subscription model of competitors.

I just got a free share. Didn’t want to keep it so sold it. Funds are locked for withdrawal for 30 days. If I buy and sell something straight away, will that still be the case lol?

No, it’s only referral rewards that are locked

Didn’t work! Still locked

What I had meant was can you use the funds to buy something and then sell it, and then withdraw. Think I misconstrued ya!

Hey ho

Having a right nightmare with T212 customer service. I’m trying to remove old Google Pay virtual card numbers. I got a new phone so none of the numbers they have are still relevant. The problem is some of them are registered to my HSBC account which is since closed.

T212 won’t remove the old card numbers without a letter from my bank saying that the cards are no longer active. They also won’t tell me the last 4 digits of the last card I used to make a deposit, as I know that one is Monzo so it would be safe to withdraw to.

So I’m left with having to either take a random guess and hope my withdrawal lands in an open bank account, or wait up to 8 weeks for my complaint to be replied to :roll_eyes:

Yup I had this before. Had to evidence that my Hyperjar and Monese accounts weren’t active and the latter didn’t provide me with anything. In the end raised a complaint and said you need to leave this card only it is not breaking AML rules as I topped up 99 percent of my funds with this card. They accepted it. This was after a withdrawal was sent to a random card causing great stress, fortunately it was an old Monzo token. Best to contact their card verification ema address but frankly it completely undermined my confidence in their platform. Have since closed it once removing locked funds from referrals.

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In my experience, I topped up via Apple Pay and it added the virtual card number to cards able to be used to withdraw to.

Does let you sometimes, others it withdraws at random and if you mention the discrepancy they just say check the t & c

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When I try to process a withdrawal, it gives me 6 different GPay virtual card numbers to choose from. None of them are current, because I have had a couple of new phones and each time Google issues new virtual numbers.

2 of them are linked to HSBC, which is now closed. I have no idea which is which and no means of telling, so I basically have a 2 in 3 chance of the withdrawal landing in an open bank account!

Their customer care have been useless, so I’m hoping the complaints team will be slightly better…

You could always contact HSBC and see if they have a record of the previous token g pay numbers

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