Total spent to be over 30 day period

The “Total spent” feature inside a merchant is excellent, but that data is not amazing.

It’s helped me at the moment, but that’s only because I have been ‘full Monzo’ for two months now so the total spent is a figure I can budget off. In future, after lets say 5 months, this data will be no use, I do want it to stay though as it’s very interesting!

I think there should be another section for “total spent in the past 30 days”, or last month, OR whatever your budgeting period is set to.

What do you think? :thinking:

I agree. Until such a time as Monzo agree, Emma already offers this.

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Are you on iOS or Android?

Not sure re android but on iOS you can click that figure or just search the merchant in the search bar on the home screen and then filter by month or other date ranges, which I think achieves what you want?

iOS, and yeah that’s a thing which is great, but it would be great if it would show you a simple figure in that section so you don’t have to go through it all. Yes it’s lazy but just simplifies stuff :smiley:

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I think what would work best is an ability to choose, globally, what the cut off for this is.

When you’ve had an account for multiple years the total spent ever at a particular merchant becomes a bit meaningless (and depressing)…