Topping up your Revolut account from Monzo

I’m not sure if this is the right place… But Monzo might need to speed up 3d secure :frowning:

I will now need to keep open my Nationwide account to top up to Revolut :frowning:


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Looks like you’re on Android, do Revolut allow top up via Google Pay? Might be the way around it for now? I know they have Apple Pay.

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Oh wow, I’ve just looked. They do.

This means alot to me. Thank you :heart_eyes:

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For the record, I’ve been able to top up my Revolut account from my Monzo card (I had to, I was testing it for work :wink:) so I’m not sure what’s gone wrong here. My guess is that some users get flagged for extra checks - just like some Monzo users - so some iOS users shouldn’t have this problem. It’s worth trying.



Is this being implemented for all in help section?

It sure is :slight_smile:

Last night my wife wanted to order from JustEat but neither of us had our cards handy. Instead I opened my Revolut app to get the virtual card number and had her input the details there - then I topped up my Revolut account using Google Pay from my Monzo account. I just hope JustEat never ask where the funds came from as it’ll be difficult to prove.

Just saw this mate. So I thought I would contact their support. Jesus christ.


It’s the same card I’ve used for the past 20 top ups or so :man_facepalming:

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Jesus, is she even looking at my account?


Oh my god. It gets even better @alexs


My reply to this was anything like, solve my problem? :joy:

Like wtf is this

Edit: it’s fine now, must have been a bug earlier. Their support sucks though fair play