Top Up Feature

Why the big fuss/need?

Please can someone explain the massive need for this as I just don’t get it, this is a current account like any other bank yet none of them (to my knowledge) has this feature (well Metrobank doesn’t anyway) so why the need?

If this is your main account your wages go in then you spend, if someone owes you money then they transfer via faster payment like any other bank.

To me this just feels like people still want to treat Monzo as a prepaid card for whatever reason and how/why has this happened and what did these people do before prepaid cards/Monzo?

Just makes me laugh when I see comments like “I only came here for the top up feature” or words to that effect.

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I think (well, know) that the need comes from the pre-paid card; while hypothetically it would be lovely for people to send their salary into their Monzo account and we would encourage this, for some people this requires filling out 5 different forms, or going through an equally long and arduous HR process…

Basically some people might consider it too much faff, or consider Monzo as a secondary bank account and would rather not try to navigate a legacy banks website every time they want to add funds for their weekly spending.

We want to be the card that you want to use; realistically it’s not human nature to want to jump to something new instantly (although I have and many others have too)! Over time trust in the Monzo current account will build and people may decide to start having their salary paid in, but in the mean time we need to make sure that we have a set of features that will allow everyone to use the card how they see fit!


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