Top-up error

When I try to top up my account yesterday, I got an error message that “Sorry, adding money failed because your card is invalid”.
But, I have been using the same card for all other expenses and all are going through.
Anybody else is facing this kind of issue??

Were you trying to top up in a store?

If so, this is now unavailable I believe.

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I believe that Green Dot support was removed.

Tho it does still show up in app, so it might be supported via an alternate network.

Have you tried a deposit taking MoneyPass ATM?

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I tried to top up through Monzo app using my debit card .

I’m having the same issue. I thought it was a case of them starting to refuse certain debit cards (because my Venmo card is issued by a bank most commonly associated with Visa gift cards) but good to know it’s happening across the board.

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Glad to inform that Monzo fixed this issue. Now I can top up with my debit card. :fist_right: