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Hi guys! When I try to top up my Monzo card appears this message

Do you know what happened??


Mine had a problem for a few minutes, but it is working now.

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few problems with top ups at the moment on pre paid cards - you might like to subscribe to updates that send you a text message when there are system outages , and when its resolved - different subscribe pages for either pre paid or current accounts - its free :slight_smile:

  • no problems at all with the current account preview :slight_smile:

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Out of interest Starlings status page is saying everything is operational but there are a few reports that their card is also failing on their forum , anybody with starling ???

(Naji Esiri) #5

Yep there has been another minor outage this morning affecting top ups at around 7.50am. Service should have resumed as normal now.

Apologies for the disruption to your morning! The last thing you need on the way to work!


Yup. Support seemed totally unaware when I ask them.

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