Why can't i add funds from a card?

Hi i have tried adding funds from two different debit cards and am unable to fund my account.
Seems like a fundamental issue, no?
Please help

I thought Monzo ditched debit card topups ages ago

really? it’s still an option in my app along with direct deposit where it provides Routing/Account info, however, I can’t get onzo/Sutton on plaid and none of my other institutions recognize Monzo nor Sutton bank to fund to.

might be something specific to the U.S then

I was going to by this

Sorry you might have to wait for someone who knows more about to U.S accounts :slight_smile:

I ran into this issue too. You can only have 1 card associated with your account for top-up. You can change which card is associated with your account but you’ll need to go through the in-app live chat. It’s a little annoying, but can be done.

Hey @cameron80 - Rohan is correct here (thank you Rohan!) - if you write into us via the in-app chat we can help sort this for you right away.

Use monzo . Me ?

Does monzo.me work with US accounts?

Nope. Does it surprise you knowing the person who suggested this? :laughing:

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To be fair, it was a loaded question to test…

please click on the link and follow the instructions

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It’s one of the UK features I hopes makes its way over to the US product sooner rather than later. I imagine the major hurdle is interchange costs, since while debit cards are mostly fixed ($0.21+0.05%), credit card interchange is higher (1-3%), so they’d have to limit which cards can be used.