October Open Office streaming here!

Starting at 6.30pm

We want to make money work for everyone, but how are we making money work for Monzo?

The theme of this month’s Open Office is how Monzo makes money. Julie Oey and Caroline Viles from our Finance team will talk about the steps, challenges, and opportunities presented in generating revenue, and they’ll break down some of the terms and ideas that we use to think about running company finances.

It’s a fascinating topic that touches on everything that happens here at Monzo: how we’re scaling for growth in Customer Operations, how we’re building features to attract new users, how we think about marketing, and more. Come along, meet the team, and bring your questions!


I’m here! :wave:

(early as usual)


:wave: @yen @brenda @cookywook
Nice to meet you all!


Nice to meet you too!

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PS More of the artists work can be found here:

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Lovely to meet you as well @Dunsford, and thanks for coming all that way!

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Hi guys, just wondering if the question regarding the tech stack being was answered after this presentation? It looks like GA based on the site tags? Thanks!