Tone of Voice

saw the blog on Monzo tone of voice and loved it. I’m one of a small band of editors working at the FCA, converting our authors to the joys of plain English. We’re trying to organise a few speakers to give talks on how and why simple language works best. Anyone want to volunteer?


Hello Gill!

I’d be happy to come and help out if I can. If you’ve not seen it, I gave this presentation at our Open Office a couple of weeks ago, to give you a flavour of what I could chat about.

Message me directly and we can sort out details!

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fantastic - we’re planning a week’s focus on writing, sometime in September. We’re hoping to get speakers from different backgrounds talking about everything from nudge to plain English.
I’m not in the office until Weds next week, but will give you a shout to get the ball rolling.


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