Inspiring Change Podcast - Harry Ashbridge 📻

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Here’s a new podcast with @hashbridge :tada:

“What makes tone of voice real, is giving people the skills, confidence and permission to use it for themselves”

Harry has worked with words for many years. He started life as an editor before joining London-based agency ‘The Writer’ in response to an advert that called out their mission ‘to stop the tyranny of linguistic mediocrity’. Six months ago he became Monzo Bank’s writer though, as he says himself, “Everyone here is a writer, I’ve just got the job title”.

To find out more about Harry you can view his profile on Linkedin. To have a look at Monzo’s tone of voice and to read more about ‘active language monkeys’, see

Following on from Harry’s comment -

“Everyone here is a writer, I’ve just got the job title”

Kieran recently revealed that every new Monzo employee has a session with Harry when they first join on

Writing slightly betterly — Writer Harry explains Monzo’s Tone of Voice, and offers tips that even the most astute communicators will find useful!