Android Version 2.18.0 - Super Tidy App! 🎉

Continuing the discussion from Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog:

So here’s a quick update of what’s happened with the latest (2.18.0) version of Monzo for Android! :eyes::hot_coral_heart:

Some exciting changes ahead :tada::heart_eyes:

A lovely new “Profile” menu :grin:

Shows off all the key details in one really convenient location :wink:

Plus a perfect place to show off your perfect badges :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Of which I only have one… So far :smirk: fingers crossed that a new badge for invites is backdated :crossed_fingers:


Bill Splitting :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: WITH NON-MONZO USERS!! :tada::tada:

This looks amazing and it’s so well executed :grin: Just an FYI to everybody, if you swipe left / right on “Friend 1” or “Joe Bloggs” you can remove them from the bill split (should you want to) :wink:


The bill splitting with a non-Monzo-er :wink: Once you decide the amount you get sent back to the transaction. From there you can share the link with the appropriate party :smiley:

Feature Request :eyes:: Being able to rename “Friend 1” would be ace! Cancelling / Editing the Bill Split would be ace!


New Settings Menu! It’s really getting there :hot_coral_heart: The Monzo settings page is much less of a ‘dumping ground’ :joy: Looks really nice, the truly important settings have been split out into their own menu.

It’s very tidy IMO! Keep up the EXCELLENT work @emmag, @kavi, @ataulm :pray: (And anybody else that I missed from the Android Team! :monzo:)



yey :grinning: :hot_coral_heart:


Thanks for posting such detailed info about the update, @nexusmaniac :hot_coral_heart:


I like the new profile screen, it seems like a big improvement. My only dislike is the coloured area around the profile picture - I feel like it looks a bit odd and doesn’t really match the rest of the screen.

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How lovely is it!?

It would have been nice to see limits move to the profile. Inbound transfers are not exactly card related!

Aw, turning off the Lending Promotions doesnt currently remove the ‘Did you know we do overdrafts’ nag in Summary :frowning:

Everything’s looking a lot smarter though!

I can’t split bill with non monzo users only my monzo contacts show up this is latest beta android and I’ve got bill splitting on in labs

If you hit next on the screen to add Monzo users you’ll see the option.

It’s a little odd.

I imagine this will be a lot more intuitive when address book payee management happens.

Ahh found it, also you can’t seem to edit amounts and people once you’ve finished, plus it’s ordered mine as friend 4 then 1 ,2,3 ( same amount of £ for each)

Sorry, I like it compared to what it was before, but it could have been much tidier IMO.

Settings just being a text link in the top of Profile makes it even harder to find than before if someone’s looking for it. Why is it inside Profile inside Account now, except historical reasons?
My suggestion would have been get rid of the corner “Profile” link as part of the 1st card in the Account tab, which has always been a bit undiscoverable, and instead add two items under “[+] Find out about overdrafts” such as “[:male_detective:️] Your profile and account details” and “[:gear:] Settings” (and consider if OSS licenses and some other things from the bottom of Profile should be at the bottom of Settings instead).

Also, the one-option cards - e.g. Statements, CASS, Joint Accounts look weird, the header font is bold, but not sufficiently different, or delineated from the single option - would adding an icon on the left of the action, or some intro flavour text, or changing the heading font help? Google Play settings uses a different colour and a slightly smaller font for settings headings for example.

Finally the “clickability” of all the options in Profile is a bit random - I get a tapping animation on e.g. Sort Code but nothing actually happens, not even copy to clipboard. Whereas the entry for my email doesn’t have the animation and doesn’t do anything (didn’t it prompt to speak to cops before?). Many options state their current value and are click-to-change, whereas others are call-to-action type texts. It all still feels a bit inconsistent.

Sorry for the gripes, hopefully they’re constructive enough though?

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Have to say very impressed with the update, to me it seems snappier and a lot less crowded.

  • The Settings link is definitely in a really confusing place and should be moved to the Account tab. I like the idea of having “[:gear:] Settings” above or below the “[+] Find out about overdrafts” par tof the Account tab.

  • I think the profile tab should stay as it is. There is a little arrow next to it which suggests you should click on it on the iOS app - can’t remember if it’s on the android one though.

  • I think sort code, account number ect… copy to clipboard if you hold down on them.
  • This might be a bug. A message pops us on iOS:


Indeed, a lot of improvement with the updates.


You’ll love something coming in 2.19 providing it all goes well :star_struck:


:eyes: :soon:

Well, I love it.


You can’t tease us like that @BethS :joy:

I’ll be forced to decompile the app to see what’s hiding :eyes::see_no_evil:

*cough * savings pots *cough * :joy:

My savings are wrapped up in a LISA :wink: