Today's exchange rates view for fx

Hey everyone,
I have been seeing a lot of topics regarding how good the rates are in a specific currency for :mondo:ondo. They are good obviously but I thought maybe a good feature would be to allow in the app a view which lists estimate exchange rates.
I would hope this would be as simple as Mastercard providing an API and :mondo:ondo feeding its default values in depending on the currency.

Maybe then there could also be an info section for each currency. Giving tips and information regarding use of the card in that place. For instance staying that magstrip is used over chip and pin.

Thanks for the work!


Just for information I use these settings on the mastercard currency converter, they may be wrong but it’s how I have been finding fx rates.
Transaction date: today
Transaction currency: destination currency
Transaction amount: 1
Bank fee: 0
Card currency: British pounds GBP
and click calculate to find the rate

I think this would be useful for users who want to calculate how much payments will cost in GBP, in advance. But it’s worth remembering that the rates will have changed by the time the transaction settles so this would only be a guide.

My guess is that this sort of information will be added to the travel reports greeting (which you receive when you arrive in a country) over time, based on the information that’s been shared in this topic -