MasterCard exchange rate calculator in app

Any chance we can have a MasterCard exchange rate calculator in app, so that if we are making a purchase abroad we can open app work on the GBP value against the currency with ease


Remember the rate is set a few days after the transaction when it is presented to Monzo.

Most rates shown in the app at the time of using your card would be ‘wrong’.


Yes but you can go on and it will tell you the base rate, this should be in app with a message telling you it is an estimate


MasterCard has a converter API but I’m not sure what rate it calculates

I had the exact same thought, it would be very handy to have a currency converter in app whilst abroad. I appreciate the rate is only finalised when the transaction is presented to Monzo, but it’s handy to know the Mastercard rate on the day.

For example, in Costa Rica they take USD almost as widely as CRC, and often the price is presented in both currencies. In theory the two prices should be equal, but often one currency is better than the other, this is when a currency converter comes in handy.


So, a thought I was having while preparing for travelling to another country - it would be nice to be able to see the exchange rates before buying something

While I know the rate that comes up is advisory, and not what we will 100% get, it would be good to get visibility of that prior to purchasing.

Also, this would help with exchanging cash, as it would enable us to see what a “good” deal is at that moment in time easier than currently.


This is impossible for Monzo to show as the rate is decided by Mastercard, which only “settles” a few days after the transaction.

You can see here for previous exchange rates, but any general exchange rate graph will show you prior rates.

As for exchanging cash, you could use a service like Revolut or Starling to “lock in” your currency before travelling - This is good if you want to know exactly what you have spent, and not want to worry about changes in currency whilst away.

Equally, how much difference would there be between the advisory and the actual rate if you are at the point of purchase? Unless something dramatic happens, surely it’s in the pence margins rather than pounds?

And for exchanging cash I think that’s best left to other services for now, don’t think it’s where Monzo want to be heading? (Just my opinion).

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here: