Today we’re launching Monzo Investments 🎉

I’m 21p down on a £20 investment into the balanced fund. Yawnsville.

Adventurous is the way to go.

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I’m on Adventurous. What a ride!!!


I’m on Adventurous


It’s all better than nutmeg :joy:

Balanced hasn’t been so great bit all over

You can open another S&S ISA but you can’t fund it until the next Financial year. You could transfer the T212 ISA to Monzo, though, and continue funding it (up to your £20000 limit for the tax year).

The general rule is that you can only contribute to one of each type of ISA in any tax year. So you could, for example, add £10000 to one S&S ISA and £10000 to one Cash ISA.


Thanks for this, i will probably leave my T212 isa where is is but open a new S&S ISA with monzo next April then.

I will continue savaging in the general investment account but guess I would need to sell and then re-buy my investments within the isa come April.


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I didn’t realise it tracked remaining ISA limit, good to see

Eek… :joy:


You will need to wait until next financial year.

Now that’s what I’m talking about! :tada::tada:


Mine is currently up 3.93% on the adventurous option!

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2.61% up

Was negative at start of the week, so not gonna get too excited :rofl:

Long rollercoaster journey ahead yet.


51 days since I initiated an ISA transfer to Monzo and still no closer to understanding when it will happen. Case has been passed to a ‘senior specialist’ and Quilter are stating they haven’t received a transfer request :frowning: Not a great experience!

HSBC seem to be rejecting the one and only reference number that use for my S&S ISA, so that is fun

The process for switching current accounts really lures you into thinking all such things are nice and automagic, but, no, not ISAs


Tempted to just sell my stock manually and then reinvest with Monzo. I also fell into the trap of thinking it would be as seamless as a current account switch!

Why can’t you lock the investment pot?

Because locked pots are pointless.


An investment is basically locked anyway. If I could access my twelve quid I would do untold damage to B&M this Christmas.


I’ve just set up a stocks and shares ISA and gone for the adventurous risk! Never done these before so hope I get abit of money back. With the ISA can this be withdrawn anytime? Or do I have to wait 10+ years? #IDunnoWhatImDoing haha