Investing with Monzo

I have recently moved home/bought a flat outright and have equity that I would like to invest and would appreciate Monzo’s advice

Monzo can’t advise you, that’s not what they do.

I would recommend going to see a financial adviser and getting their advice.


Asking on random banking sites on the internet for financial advice is not a good idea. As above, if you need advice please seek out a professional in the field.

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Throw it all at bitcoin.
Do not blame me if it doesn’t work out.
Do not blame me of it does.
This is not financial advice


Thanks! will do

Thanks, am going to

Hi Diana.

No options for investing with Monzo yet but they do offer low-interest bearing pots if that is of interest.

Someone else has recommended a financial adviser. They can be useful (depending how much you have) but I often find the advice to be based on their commission as much as being helpful. A bit of research in the financial pages of the internet can give you the same info with no commission.

Other options are:
Premium bonds
Stock market (Trading 212 or Freetrade are popular) but that sort of thing is best treated with caution and only with amounts you’d be prepared to lose
Buying property - possibly very volatile right now
Crowdfunding - high risk, money tied up
Bonds - not as safe as you think
Gold etc - often a safe haven
Crypto - bonkers

Everything is so volatile at the moment that while there are opportunities there is very significant risk.

I’ve invested in a lot of crowdfunded companies and the money is tied up which I regret. I also invest in the stock market and, while I’ve made money off Greggs and Tesla I’ve equally lost elsewhere. Crypto I’m down. Premium Bonds - boring but haven’t profited yet. I’ve made money playing poker but don’t be tempted…

In short, no quick wins without risk, the world is nuts right now so consider sitting tight unless you are prepared to lose a significant chunk.

Why don’t you use Nutmeg, Wealthify or Moneybox, which are all fintech investment platforms?

I use one of those (won’t say which one as I wouldn’t want to advise you) but always research into the fees, and make sure you’re investing for long term (5-10 years) or you’re likely to lose capital.

Can you not use the equity to build a extension on your new flat? :eyes:

Thanks Andy!
Really useful to know! Great advice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks Jamie!

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