Pot invested into funds (Stocks & Shares ISA)

I know there are other app that do the following but I wanted to know if Monzo has this in the pipeline.

Basically, I think it would be good to have a feature which will enable customers using the rounding up pot to have that money invested into selected funds within a Stocks & Shares ISA.

To make it cost efficient for Monzo possibly set a minimum pot threshold so that when the pot hits this the funds are automatically invested into selected funds.

In terms of funds either there can be a handful of selected funds for customers to select or customers can select their risk profile and then their money is invested in funds selected by the Monzo team.

Keeping fees down would be the key since some of these platforms like Hargreaves Lansdown can charge a lot.


Excellent question @SajSabir. It would be awesome to have an official word from Monzo on this.

@Tom touched on it at July’s Q&A within the interest bearing pot discussion. It wasn’t entirely clear if this would indeed be a third party integration or offered directly by Monzo. They had sought and received regulatory permission to carry out this type of activity so I guess it’s a case of watch this space?