Today we’re launching Monzo Investments 🎉

No speculation, it is indeed.

The Adventurous selection is MyMap Select 7

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Search this in the app and it’ll link to the KIDs


No, because you don’t own the shares - the fund manager does.


Wait 3-6months after the Fed cut rates. You are just going to lose money between now and then. Stock markets are rallying now. They are pricing in the cuts before they’ve happened. Then they’ll cut and market will tank. Always happens. Summer 2024 should have a better idea.

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Is that financial advice :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually agree to some extent. To some with a long game plan and not massive sums may be not be important to them and trying to guess the next bottom of the cycle.

Monzo will be targeting the Wealthify audience of chuck money in a pick a risk level without actually bothering to find how its being invested. And that’s fine for some people.

I’m not one for all under one roof and rather find the best tool/deal for the job. I personally use a mix of AJ Bell, Freetrade and T212 for stocks


Yes very unfortunate timing for launching their investment product. Just after the start of what looks like a long bear market in US shares.

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Has there been any mention of pensions or just investments?

Pensions is definitely on the roadmap - I think it was mentioned in the news? :thinking:

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Wheres this from? OR is it literally just the sourcecode for the app?

Looks like it’s from here - Monzo Teardown Index - Google Docs

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Investment ISA transfer just completed - 8 weeks later. If Monzo completed on time (6 weeks) I would have got an additional £300 (with the investment rate at that time). Kind of regretting the transfer now based on my experience and current fluctuation with the adventurous fund.


I’m still down on my Adventurous investment, but it’s creeping back to initial investment value.


For those of you who have had Monzo investments for more than a month, what does the graph look like? as it looks like the graph is fixed 1 month, does it allow you to scroll back to see your running investment total over time?

Try and hold back your jealousy over my wealth


I’ve had ups and downs, but I’ll be buying a lambo in no time at all


Couldn’t resist testing it out. Looks like I’m 90 currently


Thanks all for the screenshots!
looks like the graph shows the beginning of the investment and not just the last month!

I have a ISA with T212 which I added money too this year, do you know if I can open a Monzo S&S ISA also, or do I need to wait till next year

What type of fund has everyone got?

I’m £2.52 up on my £200 investment on adventurous :chart_with_upwards_trend:

Im in the Adventurous