Title bug

So in my preferences settings I am trying to set my title to basic, when I select basic and click save, the moment I go off of my settings and back on it has automatically changed back to none. Is this a bug or just me?

Mine also doesn’t let me change it.

Maybe it is a bug then.

If someone who sees this who can move it to bug reports please do.

Bug section is for the monzo app, not the forum software so I’ll just leave it here for now.

You can log a report on the meta.discourse.org site

Ok, do you have the issue as well?

I changed my title from regular to basic and pressed save and it said success, but it didn’t change and when going back in it still said regular.

Android 10 , chrome browser.

Exact same problem I am having but I currently have no Title, when I changed it to basic and click save it says it saves but if I go back on it it didn’t actually save.

Maybe try a different browser, such as a desktop one.

Just tried that, I downloaded Microsoft edge to see if it still happens and it does.

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This is a known issue and has been reported to the Forum Host, keep your eyes peeled on your profile and keep trying, one solution would be to clear cache and cookies and see if that helps

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