Sent a request but then realised it had an extra character in it so immediately sent a request to ignore request

Got a reply later saying it will not be changed, but it got changed.

Can it be changed back?

You’ll need to start an in app chat to ask

Is there a limit it can be changed?

I don’t think there’s any ‘hard’ limit. But equally, I think if you start requesting changes every month or so I reckon you might come up against some resistance, especially if it has to be manually changed. I guess there’s little point in keep changing it anyway once you’ve found something you’re happy with.

Willing to be corrected on this though - just impression I’ve got :slight_smile:

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Just noticed it has an extra character, not sure how I did not notice it.

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That’s a completely honest mistake. I’m sure COps will have no problem in getting that updated for you (or at the very least reset it so that you can choose your own again). Just pop them a message in the in-app chat.

Just be aware that their response times are a bit longer than usual at the moment but someone should get back to you within a matter of hours.