Tips and Tricks menu not registering an action


When using my app I really enjoyed then Tips and Tricks section however it doesn’t recognise when I top up by Debit Card.

I can see the top up on my feed but on the Tips and Tricks menu it is still waiting to be ticked.

Also, a little idea about the Tips and Tricks section, would it be possible to be able to click on the step and it takes you straight back to the home screen of your feed maybe with a helpful arrow to show you where to go from there?

If someone has mentioned this before then apologies!

Thanks for a great app!!

Hey @Sian, thanks! We’re fixing this bug—good spot :slight_smile: Nice idea with the arrow too, I’ll pass it on!

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I’ve just become 100% Mondonaut today

:mondo: :grinning:


This is happening to me, with the visit the forum action (!)

If you’ve come across this issue, please let us know here -