Timezones incorrect


I’m currently trying to solve a worrying issue with live chat. More on that shortly if there is no resolution.

In the live chat it has my support agent as being in France and it says it is 1021 there. It isn’t, it is 921. Seems like a bug to me.

(Andre Borie) #2

trying to solve a worrying issue with live chat

[emphasis mine]

Come on, you can’t just drop a bomb like that and then stay silent. Please do tell! :eyes::joy:

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #3

Yeah it works to GMT and currently doesn’t adjust to BST. Slightly frustrating, not sure if a fix is coming.


(Andre Borie) #5

Nothing to do with that I think - the whole chat UI is provided by Intercom, a third-party.

(Chris Rimell) #6

FYI, this came up in another thread


it works to UTC and is not adjusted for DST

(Alex Sherwood) #8

:point_up: what DMs are for.

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #9

Isn’t that the same thing? Thanks for making me feel rather small :snail:


in the past people had said it was UK GMT but Monzo staff corrected them and stressed it was UTC instead, they implied there is some difference when it comes to working out time zones even if in UK it is the same