Account for timezone on transactions

I came back from a 1 week business trip. I Used monzo for many of my expense items (meals for example) as I like the way it records so much information.

However I got slightly misled before remembering I was in vancouver - with an 8 hour time difference, meaning that the day boundaries that monzo uses to summarise information, as well as the transaction timestamp was UK local not Vancouver

It would be really useful if when viewing a transaction I could see which timezone it was incurred in - this is even a question within the UK since we have GMT & BST. so just knowing the UTC offset being used for display would be good…

As a step up from this, the ability to show breakdowns in a selectable timezone (or even just ‘local now’ and ‘home’) would be helpful



It also seems that the chart at the top is based on UK time but the feed is based on local time. Hence you get the feed saying “today” but the chart saying 0 spent today … Kinda weird!


This may provide some answers: