Ticketmaster shutting it's re-sale sites! Seatwave and Getmein

Great news to stop the online touts from making profits! There was a BBC doc on a few years ago showing even ticketmaster bought tickets to their own sites gigs in bulk to resell on the resale sites!

incase anyone han’t seen or used it before twickets is the best site to use at the moment!
^not sure why this link is showing wrong! its to “twickets[dot]live”

I’m sure the touts will find a new way to resell after these sites have gone though! :frowning:


I’ve never bought tickets on resale market before but glad to see this happening. Sad it took so much pressure to make it so. I still hope that the CMA does an overhaul on the rules and really cracks down on touts.


There is a market for legit secondary sales with a small mark up to cover charges twicketts I think it’s called. I had extra tickets for coldplay in Cardiff I missed out pitch side on the initial release so had seats then managed to get pitch side on the second release so resold via Getmein for face plus admin fees bargain compared to the other prices being charged. Part of the problem is releasing tickets or these extra nights yeah like the venue is not booked a ballot would be the best way to release tickets rather than this free for all quickest to click wins

Yeah buy this £500 CD get a free ticket

This will do nothing to stop the enormous market on eBay though. That’s never going away sadly.